Habitat Loss: South China Tiger

By: Paige Alexander and Maxwell Studna


Did you know that construction is tearing our beautiful tiger population apart? The South China Tiger is losing there habitat by the day and if we don't work together they will become extinct.

The problem

Habitat Loss: When an organism's home is somehow being taken away.

The South China tiger is struggling to survive because of habitat loss. They are also hunted as pests. Their habitats are highly fragmented to only 200 square feet witch is not suitable for a tiger population.

The effect

If we lost the South China Tiger our animal population would be thrown out of balance and may cause over population. If we continue to loss trees due to deforestation our air will be dangerous because the trees will not be taking in enough carbon dioxide which causes lung cancer and asthma.

The facts

* If there are any South China Tigers they would be in sub-tropical forests.

*There habitats are highly fragmented to about 200 square feet.

*They are a reminder that we need to be more careful about construction.


*Plant more trees

* Make restricted areas for construction

* Recycle ( so we don't have to cut down as much trees)

Our resource: http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/south-china-tiger