Staff Memo Exeter Primary School

Tuesday 26 April

Term 2

Welcome back everyone,

I hope you all have managed to have some down time and re-energise in readiness for another busy term!

I would like to welcome Joann Nas who will be joining us this term to cover Wendy's role on Grade 1 as she takes some leave. Joann will also be taking on some literacy support in both Grade Ones. Welcome back to Claire Watson who will be teaching Grade 2 every Wednesday and facilitating STEM inquiry work with some of our more able students. Welcome also to Tarrin Kemp who will continue her LOTE program and Liam Fox who will be continuing with the Outdoor Classroom and Garden Program. Karen Dawber will be here for week 1 covering Bec's class while she take some leave.

We start the term in preparation for NAPLAN and I would like to remind teacher of Year 3 and 5 to start the term by supporting students to be ready to tackle NAPLAN. In this memo I have included a great youtube clip featuring Dr Carol Dweck talking about the power of developing a Growth Mindset. Please take the time to view this as there is some very interesting information based on scientific studies and research that is worth sharing with students, particularly in the lead up to NAPLAN. Developing a Growth Mindset in our students is one of the most powerful ways we have of supporting their achievement and academic success. Give some thought as to how you can use the your understanding of Growth Mindset and implement classroom strategies to support student learning.

I would like to acknowledge the professionalism of teachers who attended Moderation Day. The feedback I received and the discussions had, indicated to me a high level of engagement and a genuine desire to make the most of the learning opportunities on offer. I was particularly grateful for the work done in our Problem Solving session in the afternoon and your thoughts and ideas will form the basis for our first staff meeting this term. The session Kinder teachers attended has lead to our involvement in a speech and language initiative to support our early childhood students develop phonological awareness. I will share more information on this as the term progresses.

This week is your scheduled Grade Team planning time, the focus will be reflection and evaluation of first term literacy and numeracy goals and setting your goals for the next five weeks. Evaluations and goals will need to be discussed with your Grade Team Leader.

Please note that there will be Briefing on Tuesday morning. I ask that all staff be on time to briefing as it is an important time to share information and connect with your colleagues.

Here's to a productive and enjoyable term.



ANZAC Day - Public Holiday


Briefing Tuesday Morning 8.25

Readers Cup - Contracts and book given to students

Bec Wheatley - Lv - Karen Dawber

Grade Team Planning - Bronwyn Jamieson

Staff meeting - Problem Solving PAC


LIL Gym Fun 9-10 am to 10-10 am

Bec Wheatley - Lv - Karen Dawber

Templar Case Conference - Esther and Helen

Flu Vaccinations

Electrical Safety in Schools

TA Meeting - 3-15 pm close supervision


Grade Team Planning - Claire Watson

Bec Wheatley - Lv - Karen Dawber

Helen Peart - PL - NR

SM - Staff Room


Bec Wheatley - Lv - Karen Dawber

Pre Kinder 9-05 am to 10-35 am and 11-35 am to 1-05 am

State Athletics Carnival

Levelled Literacy Intervention

Please check groups as there have been some minor changes.

Electrical Safety in Schools Program

We will be participating in this program on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 April. Timetables are in your pigeon holes or available on the Staff Intranet-Timetables. Grade teams will go together and we will be in the PAC.


Just a reminder the first day of term 2 is ANZAC Day. Our school choir will be performing at the Exeter Service @ 11-00 am and representing our school by laying a wreath and students will representing our school with a wreath at the service in Beaconsfield. Thanks to Chris for the work she undertakes with our choir.

Could 3-6 teachers remind students who were in the ANZAC day choirs to return their uniforms to Mrs Peart asap.

Relief Phone

Amy will have the relief phone for term 2. The procedure for obtaining relief is unchanged.

Classroom Safety Checklists

In your pigeon holes I have put a classroom safety checklist, can you please fill these in and return to Sheryl by the 10th May or asap.

It is an audit requirement that these are done. Thank you in anticipation Sheryl

Swimming Caps (Alison was going to put something in for me, but just in case she has forgotten)

In Grade 3, 4 and 5 teachers’ pigeon holes are swimming caps in readiness for the Swimming and Water Safety Programme, there is a list with them with the houses that the students are in, can you distribute the correct colour to relevant child, that way they can be used for our swimming carnival later on in the year.

These need to be named with a permanent pen.

Thank you

I would like to acknowledge the work our Education Facility Attendants have done during the term break. They have worked tirelessly to make sure your rooms and grounds are clean and ready for you to start the new Term. Thank you Cindy, John, Michael, Diane, Ben and Maurie.

Morning Duty

Please remind students the climbing equipment is out of bounds before school for safety reasons, as we do not have staff who are able to stay and ensure their safety. If children are playing on equipment please sit them on the seats until the bell rings.

Art Gallery

Just a reminder for teachers to be collecting a sample of student's art work to be considered for the Art Gallery in Term 4. Teachers will be asked to submit the work in the last weeks of term 3.

Flexible Learning Programs

Timetable for Term 2 was emailed last term. Please check to ensure you know if your students are participating as there have been quite a few changeovers.

Mike Gorham will be working with us again next term and his timetable will be in pigeon holes by the end of the week. He can either work with the whole class or work with a small group while you are working with the rest of the class


4 Keddie Gray

Flu Vaccinations

Will be held on Wednesday, please see Helen to see who will cover your class

Growth Mindset

RSA ANIMATE: How To Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential