I NEED a Trampoline!!!!

So PLEASE get me one!

Yay its fun ^_^

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Trampoline ^

PLEASE! Im begging :*

I NEED a trampoline it will help me with my tricks and other stuff.And you know everyone can enjoy it. Also I will be jumping on it instead of messing with you and I wont be so hyper. If I cant get it because of the grass why do care so much its just grass.

Its "Safe"

Its not TOO safe without a net, BUT if it did have a net then it would be very safe for everyone including you.(Yes you) And it would be nearly IMPOSABLE for me to fall off or you (yes you again) and die(<-------- exaggeration) Its also no more dangerous than climbing a tree or riding my Ripstick.

I know I didn't list very much and I can think of WAY more but I just REALLY REALLY REALLY! want a trampoline PLEASE! Thank you for reading this if you really did.


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