MB's Multi 1-2 Class News

Edition 4

September 25th-September 29th

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?!?!?! September has flown by, but boy have we worked hard. We were able to start Daily 5 CAFE Literacy Workshop. All 5 choices have been practiced, and everyone knows what is expected of them, to be independent, and become better readers and writers! While everyone is busy with reading, writing, word work, and listening, MB and Shannon are able to meet with a student one on one, or in a small group of three students. This past week we also put the I PICK method to work and everyone had the chance to choose 8 good fit books, 1 challenge, and 1 holiday. Students used a graphic organizer to ensure that the 8 books were good fits by having a purpose, interest, understanding, and accuracy for each book.

We also worked on Math By Self and Math With Someone. We learned a new game called Poison which was posted on See Saw. If you haven't signed up for your student's See Saw learning journal account, contact me to ask me how at mclason@wocsd.org. This game really required the players to think strategically!

Students also completed a beginning of the year writing prompt, and had a bunch of time to practice writing on own in their writer's notebooks, using their own memories and idea maps from a favorite location, as writing topics.

We spent a bunch of time learning how to use all of the choices for Listen to Someone Read and the different head phone options. We also got a new pair of earbuds to place in our own book basket! We discussed the Word Work Independence chart and learned about the six different materials and ways to practice our written sight words. Then we had the chance to use the materials and practice working with words!

With the book "Prairie Chicken Little" we worked on the strategy Use Prior Knowledge to Help with Understanding and to Connect with the Text strategy from the C-comprehension part of our CAFE strategy menu. We also discussed Voracious Reading-you just can't get enough reading, you are an avid enthusiastic reader, and how this helps with expanding your vocabulary, and helps to make you a fluent reader.

We are totally out of space on our current Tune Into Interesting Words and Phrases chart. We have filled up this chart by listening carefully to our read aloud book: The Tale Of Despereaux. Someone said, "Can't we just read the book for like 6 hours?" Yeah, it is that good!

Daily 5 CAFE Up and Running!

More Summer Time Fun!

Our Class Code is: H479F

This order's due date is: October 11th. You can also send the paper book order in with checks made payable to: Scholastic Book Clubs. If you ever want me to save an order as a gift, please email me, or send in a note.