Turism in Tangará Da Serra

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Salto das nuvens

Tangará da Serra is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is located between the Sierra and Tapirapuã Parecis saws and covers three

Important ecosystems of Brazil: Cerrado, Pantanal and Amazon.

Surrounded by natural beauty, Tangará da Serra has a vast complex of waterfalls and bathed hotels by clear waters of rivers like the Sepotuba, Formoso River and Juba. Tangara draws attention by beautiful waterfalls like Salto Cloud, Waterfall Foot Burning, Formoso waterfall, jumping Maciel, among others.

For those who prefer the fishery, the municipality also allows appropriate places to practice. In addition, for the adventurous -minded people, the Tangará is the ideal place to practice extreme sports like Rafting, Climbing, Hiking, Canoe, and others.

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