counseling baton rouge

counseling baton rouge

counseling baton rouge

Care Counseling Services is an outpatient clinic that provides mental health and recovery services to adolescents and adults on an individual, group or family basis. We deliver state of the art outpatient services where adults and adolescents can come to address behavioral and addiction problems in a safe and supportive environment. We provide professional, responsible, and quality driven treatment options that help individuals get back to a happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Licensed clinical and medical staff provide comprehensive services, including screening, assessment, early intervention, issue-specific classes, recovery, after-care services and more.

Our outpatient programs in Waco, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana provide a variety of options to help individuals find the service most appropriate to their specific needs.

To begin the admissions process call 888-236-4567 or click HERE to fill out the Admissions Form and email it to

Behavioral Health Services

Adults and Adolescents

· Mental Health Assessments

· Substance Abuse Assessments

· Drug Screening

· Diagnostic Impression

· Recommendations

Group Therapy

· Coping Skills

o Identifying Triggers

o Defense Mechanisms

· Anger Management

· Conflict Resolution

· Substance Abuse Education

o Early Intervention

o Relapse Prevention

o Aftercare

Individualized Counseling

Care Counseling Services offers outpatient counseling for individuals facing a variety of mental health conditions or substance abuse addictions. We understand that everyone has different needs; therefore clients and clinicians work together to create individualized treatment plans.

counseling baton rouge