What's Kickin' in Kindergarten?!

May 2nd - May 6th

Quarter 4 Week 4

Flipped Video Lesson

This week your child's homework involves recognizing solid figures, or 3D shapes, and positional language such as above, below, left/right, next to, etc... You will receive a 2 page set of worksheets that will be used to complete the activity discussed in the video above. You will also need a pair of child sized scissors and a glue stick. Be sure to watch your child and beware of gluing the shapes down before you have checked that they are placed in the correct position. Thanks so much!

Phonics, Vocabulary, and Sight Words

Phonics- Review all long vowels, review digraphs

Vocabulary- seed, plant

Sight Words- Review all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarter sight words

Unit 8-Wonders of Nature: Plants and Animals

Students build on the phonological and phonemic work done all year in kindergarten by reading with the support of teachers and peers. Focusing on the relationships among ideas in texts, students recognize that growth and change occur in both fiction and informational texts. Students will observe and compare the structures and behaviors of different kinds of plants and animals. Students will observe that living things have offspring based on the organism’s physical similarities and differences. Students will focus their writing in this unit on opinion and informative texts.

Math Topic 16: Analyzing, Comparing, & Composing Shapes

In this topic we will:

* create 2D shapes from various materials and drawings

* recognize that shapes can be combined together to make other shapes

* identify solid figures that roll, stack, or slide on a flat surface

* make shapes by combining 2 solid figures

* use logical reasoning to solve a problem


roll, stack, slide,

same size, same shape


May 11 - Freddy's Night

May 13 - Field Day

May 18 - Step Up Day

May 19 - Last Day of School/Early Release



You must enter the building from the main office and get a sticker. We must be vigilant for our children's safety. At this point in the school year, they do not need to be escorted to class. Staff is stationed throughout the building to help students get where they need to be.

Thank you for helping make Fairmount safe and secure.

Dr. Sharp






Friday- A

Raz-Kids Logins by teacher

Mrs. Versemann - rversemann1

Mrs. Bee - bbeed

Mrs. Olivares - bolivares3

Mrs. Trask - ctrask0

Miss Swalley - jswalley0

Mrs. Hayes -bhayes17

Miss Garner - Sgarner6

Mrs. Stephens - kstephens0

Mrs. Schierholz -kleonhard1

Star Students:

Bee - Addison R. & Will A.

Swalley - TJ B.

Stephens - Leo P. & Miles L.

Garner - .

Versemann - .

Hayes - Haley V.

Olivares - Cheyenne C.

Trask - Liam B.

Schierholz - .