It's Bollywood Time!

By: Kashish A.

Are you interested in learning Bollywood dance? If your answer is yes, Sonal's Dance Academy and Dance with Diana are two different dance schools that are willing to teach any teenagers how to dance!

Sonal's Dance Academy

Hi, my name is Sonal and I am the dance instructor at Sonal's Dance Academy. At our dance school, we specialize in teaching Bollywood dance. There is an initial cost of $30, but after that, you only have to pay $7 per lesson! Come, Take a Chance and Dance at Sonal's Dance Academy!

Dance with Diana

Hey, I'm Diana, the teacher at the Dance with Diana academy. Our dance school has a mission - we want to spread our Indian culture and teach Bollywood dance. We have a fixed cost of $12 per lesson. Send your teen to our school, Dance with Diana, and they will surely enjoy learning Bollywood dance!

Which Dance School Should You Choose?

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So, which would be the better option?

In the beginning, dance lessons are more expensive at Sonal's Dance Academy than at Dance with Diana. As the number of lessons are increasing though, it seems like Sonal's Dance Academy seems like a more cost-efficient option for you. According to the graph and the tables, on the sixth lesson, the price for both dance schools will be the same; $72. Thus, if you are planning on taking fewer than 6 lessons, you should go to Dance with Diana for dance lessons, and if you are planning on taking more than 6 lessons, you should go to Sonal's Dance Academy as it will be more economical and cost efficient for you. If you are planning on taking only 6 lessons, then it wouldn't matter which dance school you go to because the price for both will be $72.