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A Success Story with Commercial Real Estate Financing

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And now a quick success story...

Today we funded a deal for $1,650,000. The story behind it provides a great lesson on being more than a one trick pony.

I received a call from a business owner looking for a small loan amount of $250,000.

This business owner had been shopping around.

After a 25 minute conversation, this client said..

I can tell you know what you are doing. All of these other guys just tried to sell me one particular product.

Since you know what you are doing, I would like you to consider my different levels of interest. She called them the baby bear scenario (needs $150k), mama bear scenario ( wants $600k), and the papa bear scenario (wishes for $1.65MM).

Today we closed on the $1.65MM loan that allowed the borrower to satisfy her “wish” request when three other companies were focused on the band-aid “need” request.

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