Student Behavior Expectations

Dear Parents: We need your help!

Many of our students are participating in our duel enrollment program this year. Almost all of our 9th graders are currently enrolled in a college class during the school day and many of our 10th-12th grade students are taking classes at Los Angeles Valley College. We are thrilled that so many of our students are participating in this exciting partnership!

Our ninth grade students are making the challenging transition from middle school to high school and college at the same time. Understanding the expectations of our college professors is an additional challenge that requires extra support.

The expectations are pretty simple. Students are expected to arrive to class on time, keep their phones silenced and out of sight, and listen when others are speaking. Our ninth graders are having a very hard time getting quiet and listening when others are speaking. On one hand, it means that they like each other! On the other hand, it means the college professors are frustrated. If any student is disruptive during class time, they may be removed from the class. During a college class, the LAVC instructor is in charge. We are there to support them, but they make the final call.

All of the ninth grade teachers have noticed the same issues in their classes. We've also noticed that our students are smart, friendly, and good natured! With your help, we can help our students stay focused and have a successful high school and college experience. Please have a conversation with your child. Ask them what they've noticed in class. Remind them of the importance of minimizing distractions and paying attention in class.

Ms. Kommer and Ms. Mata will begin pulling students out of class and having conversations with them about our expectations. If the disruptions continue, we will make phone calls home. We want everyone to be on the same page and we don't want to see anyone removed from the college classes.

Thank you for your support!

Humanitas Magnet Parent Meetings

We held our first meeting for Humanitas Magnet Parents last night. Thank you to those of you that attended! We value your input and we know our students are most successful when teachers and parents work as a team.

We would like to accommodate as many of our parents as possible. Please complete this short survey (only three questions!) so we can begin planning our October meeting. Thank you!