Mrs Richmond's Newsletter

3rd Grade - Week 10

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What's been happening...

Reading: This week we have been working on our character unit, comparing and contrasting characters across books. Next week we will finish this and then move on to short assessment pieces to see what the children have learnt. The class has really enjoyed the character unit and have been engaged with the wide range of books we have read. There will be a poetry unit before Christmas.

Writing: We will continue our realistic fiction unit and will build up to writing our final piece by the end of the term. We are focusing on structure, punctuation and detail in this unit.

Math: This week week focused on rounding to 10 and 100 and using this to help us estimate answers to word problems. We took it a step further this week and did rounding riddles, number line rounding and estimating. Next week we are moving on to look at word problems and tables with data.

Social Studies: This week we have looked at the world's biomes. The children were asked to choose an animal from one of the biomes and print/draw a picture of it. This will be used in class next week as part of a project. We will look at how their animal is suited to the environment and how it adapts. We will completing research on the laptops and then produce a poster of each animal. As my letter home noted, if you do have any collage material your child could use, they can then collage a picture for a display.


The class have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the book fair this week. We have purchased some books for the classroom library, the most popular book being 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid!' which is our book of the week. Thank you to any parents who purchased books for our classroom, I know the children are dying to read them!


We did some artwork this week for Veterans Day, We shared a poem called 'In Flanders Field' where the children identified meaning in the words and phrases. We also looked at elements such as alliteration and repetition. Our artwork reflects this. I talked to the children about how we have Remembrance Day and wear poppies to remember those soldiers who served our country. The class really enjoyed producing some excellent artwork and, of course, making a mess!!


Information for you

  • VETERANS DAY - We are still collecting gently used books and coins until November 21st.
  • Music evening - Third grade will be performing on Tuesday at school at 6:30pm. Children are to wear jeans and a Poplin t-shirt. If they do not have a Poplin t-shirt then they may wear their favorite top. It is very casual. Children need to be at the gym for 6:20 sharp, to take their place on stage.
  • Digital online safety - On Friday 21st November, parents are invited to attend school for an online safety presentation in the media center. This will begin at 8am-9am.
  • Projects - Character traits projects are due in next week. If you have misplaced the cover sheet, I have extras. Just ask your child to pick one up.


Thursday, Nov. 20th, 3pm

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