Rovigo Italy

come on and visit

come join the fun and festivals in Rovigo

We have lots of things to do, like, the Colosseum, cathedral, grand canal.

sports include rugby, soccer handball and baseball.

Myths include Greek mythology and not many myths about Rovigo Italy. the real estate is very expensive, with houses ranging from $12,000 Euros.

Rovigo was first mentioned in a document from ravenna dating back to April 24 838; the origin of the name is uncertain. in 920 it was selected as his temporary residence by the bishop of adria, paolo Cattaneo after destruction of his own city by Hungarian ravagers; the fortifications he ordered were already finished in 945.

Forzello is a vacation resort in Rovigo.

Most people in Rovigo look towrds home opportunities such as a babysitter and etc..

Rovigo Italy weather

The weather in Rovigo italy is sunny and is usually around 53* celsius

guaranteed to be fun and optimistic.

what are some of the foods in rovigo?

Three mains foods are said to be lasagna, pizza and pasta.

pizza in Rovigo Italy is one main and popular food compared to all of the other food.

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