Hilter's Rise

The rise of evil

Info on hitler

Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 in a small Austrian town called Braunau, near to the German border. And had a tough life growing up his father would brutally attack him and torture him because he didn't want him do grow up like his older brother and end up in jail cause of theft. The picture on the right was the house he was born in.--->

Hitlers schooling

Hilter did not do well in school he failed all his exams and he was unable to settle for a job. He also wish to become a artist but was rejected from an academy in Vienna. So young Hitler joined the army.

Hitlers rise

Hitler survived through out the war but Germany were by far the losers. After the war Germanys economy was corrupt and people were starving. Hitler became a Politian and joined the Nazi party, and soon was the leader of the Nazi party. Then hilter ran for president and said that he would break the treaty of Versailles and fix the economy the German people had no hope or choice but to vote for Hitler. The german people didn't that putting hitler in power would lead to the start of world II.

Hitlers destruction

When hilter became the president he made sure that the jewish people would lose theyre jobs put on the street and tortured hilter had something against the jews but no one knows why. Some how hitler convienced Germany that jews was the problem and he will fix there problems by killing all of them. till this day hilter is one of the most hated people on earth!
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