Water Shortage

Global Water Crisis

Global Water Crisis Meaning

The Global Water Crisis is when water around the world is in competition for a clean supply of water.People lack access to safe water.Dry areas lack of water.Water crisis is the #1 global risk due to impact on society.

Water Use Across The World and Saving Water

Water across the world is used for toilet water,water for schools,healthcare facilities,producing food,clothing and computers moving our waste stream.We also make cotton by using water resources.We can help save water by not using a lot of water by only drinking like a glass of water and we can have fundraisers.We can help save the world by doing this.

Waterborne Disease Definition and effects on water shortage

Waterborne disease is a disease where microorganisms are containing freshwater and is mostly found in bathing,washing your hands,drinking water and using water resources in your meals.Effects we have on water shortages are that the climate will change in regions that depend on rainwater.Crops are affected by water shortages and so is our electricity.We get affected badly.