Lower School Library

Summer Reading 2017

Dear Families,

Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who helped shelve books and start inventory in the last weeks of school! Now it's time for summer checkout!

If your child would like to check out books for the whole summer, you may do so together starting Monday, June 5.

The library will be open for checkout Monday - Thursday

before school from 8:20 - 8:35 a.m. and after school from 3:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Adults should accompany their children in the library, so that you may help select how many and which books to check out. (Remember to bring a bag or two if you'll be hauling home stacks of books!) Books will be due at the end of the first week of school in August.

Questions? Feel free to stop by, call, or email me at nharvey@cfsnc.org.

Happy summer reading!


Check out the summer reading recs below!

Note: There is nothing required about this list! But it is a carefully curated collection of some of the best books in children's literature published in 2016 and 2017. Share it with your children and see if anything strikes their fancy! Offering a variety of reading options and honoring your child's choices are surefire ways to create a healthy and balanced reading diet. :)

Rising Forest & Mountain students!

Forest and Mountain classes share their very own reader's choice award -- students choose the books on the list of nominees and spend the school year reading them in order to vote for their favorite. All rising Forest and Mountain students will learn about the award early on in the school year, but why not get started reading over the summer!?

A small group of dedicated 4th years worked through three lunch recesses this week to bring you the 2017-18 Forest & Mountain Reader's Choice Award nominees! We started this book award last year and are looking forward to another great reading year! Click the link below for more information and to see the list of books.

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Summer reading at your local library!

More summer reading resources...

Share your reading!

Great books are meant to be shared! If your child reads a book that they can't help but tell everyone they meet about, share it on our Lower School Summer Reading FlipGrid! You can download the FlipGrid app or go to the website -- https://flipgrid.com/31dd8e. (Note: The password is the same as for World Book and Pebble Go. Five digits...) Then, your child can film a short video (with book in hand!) about why they love the book. When we return to school in the fall, we hope to have a wonderful collection of student book recommendations to begin the school year!

Thank you!

It has been a great reading year in Lower School! I have enjoyed getting to know your children as budding and voracious readers and learners -- my own summer reading list is overflowing with their reading suggestions!

They also remind me that we grow and learn best when we get to choose what interests us and what to read. While I can heap loads of reading lists upon you (like I did), your children's best resource for what to read next is within themselves. Here are a few questions I like to ask to get them thinking about what that might be --

  • What kind of book are you interested in next? A story or something true? A picture book, a chapter book, a graphic novel...?

  • What are you in the mood for? Something funny, scary, adventurous...?

  • What would you like to learn more about?

Finally, remember that you can find this newsletter along with a plethora of reading and research resources on the library's website.

Happy summer reading!