10 Amendments Poem

The First Ten Amendments were proposed by Congress in 1789.

10 Amendment Poem

Amendment 1
Religion is a special right I give to everyone;
But not a right for congress to establish only one.
I give to all the right to speak and even to assemble.
And you can even send complaints and make our congress tremble.

Amendment 2
To many, it’s a real cool thing to keep and own a gun.
To others, it’s a tool for evil, when the evil’s done.
And still today, I give this right for good, that’s understood;
Protection, hunting, shooting sports, all these are very good.

Amendment 3
My right’s a bit unusual and not too often seen
But here I give it anyway in case there is a need.
Whenever there is peace or war in our great country fair,
Your homes shall be protected from a soldier living there.
Amendment 4
Now here’s a right that makes us feel secure with many features.
We have the right to be secure from search or even seizures.
Search warrants are required as well as having real good cause,
Without them even cops can be accused of breaking laws.

Amendment 5
In this amendment you’re assured that you are fairly tried
Of any major crime to which you may be clearly tied.
. And if you own some land for which the public has a need,
Just compensation must be paid to you to own your deed..

Amendment 6
About a crime for which you’re held it must be understood;
You have the right to speedy trial; this is for your own good.
You have the right to counsel who will stand up for your side.
Accusers, they must be there too, to look you in the eye.

Amendment 7
At common law sometimes you’re sued for things of little cost;
And often it is best for us to take that little loss.
But value more than twenty dollars triggers something new;
‘Cause now the right to trial by jury can be used by you.

Amendment 8
Some things in laws and judgments leave a lot to be desired;
‘Cause some opinions vary as the judgments they require.
For instance, now you have a right to bail, but not excessive.
But ideas of excessive for some Judges are impressive.

Amendment 9
Within this Bill, so wonderful, with lawful rights displayed,
There’s one more thing that’s needed here, and this one thing I say;
You must not think that this is all our rights herein fulfilled;
There’s right of life and liberty and happiness as well.

Amendment 10
The constitution makes it clear, the powers of the Fed.
All others are now delegated to our states instead.
The last four words are critical to this great Bill of Rights.
“Or to the people,” when they’re read, makes everything alright.
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