• Lovers of war.
  • Centered on warrior culture.
  • Fought till they were 60 years of age.

Spartan Army

  • One of the most feared army's in the world.
  • The ultimate hoplite warriors.
  • Attacked with Swords, Spears, and Bow.

Spartan Goverment

  • Led by two kings.
  • Had a council that created laws.
  • The council was led by the two kings and eighty two elders .

Sparta's culture

  • There cultured was focused on military.
  • Schooled kids to learn about combat.
  • they would also learn music,writing, and sports etc

Spartans Daily life

  • Every kids would go to military camps at age seven.
  • Men in the military would teach kids about combat.
  • Young men in the military were taught to endure pain
5 interesting facts about the Spartans

Sparta's battles

  • As the battle city they had a lot of battles.
  • Like Messenia (743 B.C- 723 B.C) ,Persian,Pelopnnesian(431 b.c-401 b.c) , and Thebes.
  • All of the of there battles were very bloody and gory

Sparta Facts

  • Life was focused on war.
  • Babies were killed if deformed.
  • Spartan women were very well educated.
  • Boys started military training when they were 7 years old.
  • Spartan women were well respected.