Lab Project

Product Description


As a group, you must discuss the science behind your experiment. This section of your project you're required to use thoughtful researching skills. Ask questions about how to receive relevant information by searching the internet. Or click here

Also, refer to the background sections in classroom lab manual as exemplary samples.

Experimental Design

Discuss your experiment setup and intentional steps taken to insure only one variable was tested...temperature. Use you notes.

Organized Data

Share your results with world in a clear and organized way. The quantitative measurement you have discovered tell a story about solute and solvent behavior. Your result are critical your experiment and the understanding of nature.

Again, refer to the classroom lab manuals for exemplary samples of data tables.

Data Analysis

In this section, your presenting your data in a different way to help the reader better understanding the result. Properly labeled graphs are the critical feature of this section. There are several site and programs where you can create graphs. Here's one from


Time for your closing remarks. Your conclusion includes an 1. accurate summary, 2. a complete answer to the question which refers to whether the hypothesis was supported, and 3. a clear description of the learnings, 4. possible sources of error, and 5. real world application.*

*used from