Western Fronteir

By: Lexy Reed

Native Americans

Why was the western expansion more important than human life?One reason was the American Gov wanted the land that native Americans had and they would do anything to get that land. Also they did not respect how the native Americans lived. They did not care for their buffalo also they had shoot them. The gov would do anything to torment the native Americans. The three things I will be talking about is the gov taking land

California had promised better life. Since California had better life they were willing to take that risk to get that better life. They had promised better land and places to live. Better paying jobs so they can afford to live. And they were told their was lots of treasures. The risk was though was that their was nobody that helped them get their. The family was all alone by themselves to help each other. The good news is was that they had made it to California.

They could keep their own land. California was not one of those states where they would take land from them. So when the Indians could move there they would give them their land back. This was so they could have a place to live and be able have whatever job they want. Also California was going to be nice to them, they would not take their cattle away and other things of theirs. This is why they moved to California.

The native american could not eat. This is because The gov was taking all of their cattle. The cattle was their everything, this is because it was their food and their the animals that take them places. This meaning how they get around. They also started taking their horses to. If they took their horses they would not be able to have an animal to bring them around also.

At the end of their journey they were satisfied. They got to keep their food and have more cattle. They also got to keep their guns and weapons. So also did not get their land taken away. The native Americans were treated how they wanted to be treated. They also did not have to follow any leaders. The kids got to have fun their way and could be trusted not to do things that anyone would have a problem with.