Ms. Osborn's Kindergarten Class

Greetings, Kindergarten Parents!

In order to get you and your children prepared for the upcoming school year, I have included some information that will be helpful to you.
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A little bit about Ms. Osborn..

My name is Taylor Osborn and this will be my first year teaching in a classroom of my own. After four years, I graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Along with my passion for children and their education, I also enjoy the outdoors. Hiking and simply spending time in the great outdoors are my favorite pastimes.

It is my pleasure to have your children in my class this year and I look forward meeting all of you!

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that each child is unique. Because of this, educators must get to know their students in order to teach in such a way that will affect each of these children. As an educator, I strive to open up the minds of children, capture their imagination, and guide them as they discover and learn about the world around them.

A few things that we will be learning about this year..

The following are supplies that would be beneficial to your child to bring to school with them:

  • Pencils
  • Washable markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue sticks
  • Ruler
  • Folders
  • Scissors

Preparing for Kindergarten..

The following are some tips on how to help your child prepare for Kindergarten:

  • Make sure they get a good night of sleep.
  • If your child is not used to eating at a table, help them practice this in preparation for lunch time.
  • Ensure that they eat right and get a good breakfast.
  • Encourage them to practice independence.

Below, you will find a link with more information on getting your child ready for Kindergarten.

I hope that you found this information helpful. I look forward to meeting you and your children soon!

Ms. Osborn