Miss Maudie loves kids

To kill a mocking bird


Miss Maudie loves the children and she respects them as individuals. She's not like any other women. She calls them by their own name. In the story it says "she called us by our names". Other people would have called them just as "kids". She treats then as her own children. In the story it says "our tactic treaty with miss Maudie was that we could play on her lawn." This explains that miss Maudie likes the children. She lets them play around with her stuff and be kids.


Harper lee included miss Maudie as a main character in the novel for a change in mood of the story. To make a relief on what is going around to make the kids feel loved & reflected. Miss Maudie's purpose changes on the problems that people have. In the text it said "if he's not he should be by now. The things that happened to the people we never really know. What happens in houses behind close doors, what secrets." Another example is when it says "this yards as much mine as it is yours, Jem Finch. I got just as much right to play in it as you got here". With this, she says that she is here to guide them in the right direction.


Miss Maudie likes Atticus. She was shocked when she found out he doesn't drink. She said "I was shocked. Atticus doesn't drink whiskey". Also, She thought Atticus was too young. She said to him "you are too young to understand it."