England to America Southern

America is Open to England NOW for Southern colonies

England Colonies

Come to America now! The colonies in the south will be nice and warmer (than the other colonies) seasons. You can farm in flat rich soil. With water nearby, you will never worry about going thirsty again! And fish live in these warm waters. Trading tabbaco, rice, water, wood, and fish, you can become a farmer, a fisher, or a lumberjack! So come on down to America!


The local neighborhood is great. Above, you will see a "Native American" in action. Then you will see what they call T.P.s, which is there house. They hunt, fish, and will surely help you if you be nice to them.


Come on down and have slaves (I know, right?). Have them do all the work while you sit back and relax. Take part of any church you want and worship the one and only god, while they stay home and do your chores. So come on down, future farmer, fisher, or lumberjack!
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Other colinies

Come to the Southern Colonies. Middle colonies have rich soil, but do not have such a warm climate. New England colonies have thin, rocky soil and had cold seasons. So come to the hot, rich-soiled, nice Southern Colonies!