Worlds Greatest Race Each Winter!!!

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Basic Facts!

  • Worlds most famous sled dog race
  • longest sled dog race
  • 1000 dogs compete
  • over 70 teams
  • 16 dogs 1 musher
  • top 30 teams share $650,000
  • 1150mi, rough, icy, whiteout conditions, -40 degrees, powerful winds; 50 to 100km/hr
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The Trail

  • From Anchorage to Nome, Alaska
  • Starts and ends at same place just different trail
  • Trail goes one way in even years, another way in odd years
  • Iditarod is a city, river, a trail and a race
  • An area in Willow, Alaska is called "Moose Alley"
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Getting Ready

  • Mushers provide their sled dogs high-fat kibble food
  • Mushers keep portions small yet many calories
  • Dogs exercise/train for Iditarod in the cold; so they don't overheat their bodies
  • Dogs are given snacks frequently during the trip
  • Some mushers put vitamins in sled dogs meal
  • On trips musher feeds the sled dogs salmon, moose, and reindeer
  • All teams are required to take one 24-hour break and two 8-hour breaks
  • At rest stops dogs get fed favorite meal: dog food mixed with lamb , chicken, beef or seal meat
  • Before and during the race, animal doctors (veterinarians) check the health of each dog
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Dangerous Diphtheria

  • Diphtheria is a dangerous disease which is now rare because of childhood vaccinations
  • In February 1925, an outbreak of Diphtheria threatened the isolated city of Nome, Alaska
  • Twenty teams of mushers and over 100 dogs delivered the medicine to treat kids who have Diphtheria in Nome, Alaska in about 5 1/2 days
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Dogs & their Mushers

  • Iditarod is often called "Last Great Race"
  • Dogs can only exercise vigorously in cold; no overheating, more stamina
  • Run 6 hours rest 6 hours, big meal at beginning of rest and at end of rest hours, fed snacks while running rarely
  • Fed 60-70% fat, burns it off by running
  • Dog teams travel land that was unusable by automobile
  • Dogs wear fleece booties (dog shoes) to protect from scratches and bruises from ice, each team wears out about 1000 booties each race
  • Kids in Alaska get the day off to watch the race
  • Musher shouts commands :

Gee: turn right

Haw: turn left

Whoa: stop

Mush! Hike! All right! Let's Go!: Run

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