Online Course in Connected Learning

Make, Build, Connect, Create!

ED677: Seeking Equity in Connected & Networked Learning

This dynamic, creative, and innovative online course will change the way you think about connected learning and technologies. Join Christina Cantrill, associate director of the National Writing Project's Educator Innovator Initiative, in exploring the ways in which we can support learners in becoming active digital citizens, makers, and knowledge workers. This course is for educators of all stripes - pre-service and in-service teachers, community organizers, youth workers, and education advocates.

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The Details on ED677

*It is an online Spring semester course through Arcadia University's School of Education
*It is a 3-credit graduate course.
*It counts as a Foundations course in the Arcadia Masters Degree in Education.
*It counts as 1 of the 4 courses in the Connected Learning Certificate Program.

Registration for ED677 is open!

To register for ED677, visit Arcadia's Registrar Page or call 1-877-ARCADIA after 11/3/14

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