Tyler's Dream Vacation

Hawaii facts

  • My Dream vacation is the tropical climate of Hawaii.
  • The destination located at Hawaii, Pearl City.
  • Why would u not want to visit Hawaii it has Volcanoes,tropical climate,and a beach.
  • It always has a beautiful resorts and family and friends are allowed.
Fun Facts About Hawaii

  1. Hawaii nickname is the Aloha State
  2. Aloha is a word used a lot in Hawaii
  3. Aloha means hello,welcome,love,best wishes,good bye
  4. Only state with the U.S that has a tropical climate
  5. Honolulu is the only royal place in the U.S
  6. 132 islands in Hawaii
  7. 1,523 Miles of islands
  8. Only state in U.S that grows Coffee,Cocoa,Vanilla Beans
  9. 7th largest hawaiian island
  10. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor


  • It takes 6.5 Hours to Get to Hawaii from Houston, Tx
  • It is 3,518 Miles away form Texas
  • I Suggest bring a adult and A friend
  • I suggest Taking a plane or cruise to get there
  • I Will be there for one week
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  • I will be staying at the Royal Hawaiian Luxury Collection resort Waikiki
  • In an iconic pink building on Waikiki Beach
  • you need to bring clothes and something to swim in and whatever is valuable to u
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  • how much does ur trip cost
  • ur hotel cost 324$
  • cost 500$ dollars
  • Depends on what u eat
  • The ticket is 300$ per person
  • 2.15 per gallon


  • I will ride a helicopter and go to a water park or theme park
  • U can go ride a helicopter and go to a water park and etc.
  • To win a lamborgini