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August 2014

Amy Derkowski

Enrolled ~ June 2012

Senior Consultant ~ Sept. 2012

Director ~ March 2013

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Hello Night Owls!

Happy Summer everyone! The "J" months (January, June and July) are typically the toughest for sales, so good news …. it's now August! We all go through the ups and downs of business with the demands of our families, our crazy schedules and securing dates with hostesses. Remember to offering a fun Girls' Night Out as we all need time away!

Theme parties like Sangrias and Sandals, Beaches and Bags, Mimosas and Muffins are just a few ideas. If you pair any of these themes with a fundraiser (like Jess' Divas and Desserts) you can really broaden your customer base! Another way to expand your customer contact list is to participate in vendor events. Fall is a prime time for local craft and vendor events, so check your church and fire stations for listings.


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Tiffany Constable lives in Syndey Center, NY

Recruited my Amy Derkowski

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Rebecca Fredette $894

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Amanda Blanford $803

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Mary Maruscak $472

Top Sales

Rebecca Fredette

Enrolled ~ June 2012

Senior Consultant ~ October 2013

Team Stats ~ July 2014

Number on team: 22

Number of parties: 11

Projected July party goal: 15

Projected August party goal: 14

Total sales: $4,340

Director's Stats

Number of parties: 3

Numer of recruits: 1

Party Volume: $1,330

Sharing News …..

If you would like to share any news for our announcements section, please contact me by the 1st of the month. I reserve the right to shamelessly steal news from Facebook!

Tip of the month …..

Finish up the Ready, Set, Sell incentive strong and work on booking throughout the Fall Season, starting with hosting your own Last Chance (for old products) First Glance Open House (at new products) and submit September 1st and earn your own hostess rewards to build your Fall product display!

Party your way to free products with Ready, Set, Sell!

Party as much as you can from August 1-15 to set yourself up for fall success!

It's a fact! Consultants who earn Ready, Set, Sell are more successful in their business than Consultants who don't.

Make sure your calendars are booked and don’t forget to submit your party orders to get your earnings!

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Perseverance Owl

Amanda Blandford

Enrolled ~ June 2013

I applaud Amanda's efforts this past month for her perseverance in her business. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing, but sometimes I think overcoming struggles can be motivating to others. In June, Amanda had decided she was no longer going to sell Thirty-One. It had been tough to get parties and orders. She told her friends and family and even her customers on her VIP page that she was done.

Well, a week or so later and a little spark of continued interest was fueled by the customer special and July was Amanda's highest sales month! So even when the going seems tough, you have to just keep going! I'm reading a book right now and they keep repeating a phrase from the Biggest Loser that I find very fitting, "You get nothing for nothing!"

Time to Recruit and Build Your Teams!

The Fall For Us Opportunity Incentive runs Aug. 16–Sept. 30, making it the perfect time to grow your team AND your business!

When a new Consultant joins your team during the incentive, SHE'LL EARN A FREE MEDIUM UTILITY TOTE when she reaches StartSwell Level 1 ($600 in Personal Volume in days 1-30).* New recruits can also earn a FULL $99 REBATE on their Enrollment Kit when they reach both StartSwell Levels 1 & 2!**

It gets even better! You'll also earn a free Medium Utility Tote when your first new recruit reaches StartSwell Level 1!† And for each of your additional recruits who reach this level, you'll earn a $30 product credit in your Virtual Office to be used by Nov. 30, 2014.

What are you waiting for? Share the Thirty-One opportunity with recruits—have them join you on an Opportunity Call to hear about the Thirty-One difference! Opportunity Calls startmid-August so don't miss out! Click through the information below to learn about why you should recruit now and how to use the tools to help you!