TVA Energy Initiative


What is the goal of this project?

SCS is working with TVA to lower our energy costs throughout the district and become more energy aware and learn to conserve energy as schools! Not only do we want this to be a school goal, but we want the students to be able to take back the information that they are learning because of this project and activities in your classroom and teach their parents as well! The students need to understand that what we do know to save energy, is going to help them more in the future.

I will be sending these SMORE newsletters HOPEFULLY once per week with activities and videos to show your students 3 times per week. I want to take as much off of you as I can with this initiative, so I will make sure that everything is on here. Each school is doing a different project based on what they are learning in the videos and we will present them on our school Facebook pages at the end of the contests. I will always separate the videos/activities by days of the week so you can always refer back to it! Please let me know if there is any concerns or questions!


Guiding Questions

1. Review the types of energy with the students.

2. Make the columns of types of energy. Look around the classroom and see if the students can name any of each type of energy within your classroom. (Make a list on the board)

Activity: Give the students the attached worksheet and have them fill it out after school with the different types of energy that they saw on the way home or at home that night. Bring back for a piece of candy, Dojo points, etc.

Please tweak this to your grade level however you'd like!

What is Energy? | Types of Energy: Light, Heat, Water, Electrical and Wind | Kids Academy


How to Save Energy - ENERGY STAR Education Program


1. Have the students work in teams of 2-3 to create a poster with one of the energy saving tips mentioned in this video! Let them color it and present it to the class.

2. Print out an image of the EnergyStar sticker and send it home with them. Have them look around their house to see how many EnergyStar stickers they find! Allow them to list them on the paper and bring it back to you the next day as a discussion! The following day, make a list of what the students found around their house as a class.


How to Save Energy


Have the students create a checklist of things they can do over the weekend to help their parents save energy in their home! Offer them a piece of candy or going to the prize box (if you do that) if they bring the checklist back on Monday with checks that they did it. Have the parents sign it as well! This is also a great activity to use as the students can teach their parents about what they have learned this week!

Please make sure to email me pictures of any of the activities that you do in your classroom that has to do with energy awareness or energy conservation!