21st Century Learning

What People Don't Know

The Effects on Teachers on 21st Century Learning

There is plenty of good effects on teachers side of thing just as well as there are for the students as well. Teachers will be able to post videos and notes on the internet; wheater it be a school related website like angel or something everyone knows like youtube. With all this said it will become more easier and beneficial teaching in class because there will be more class time to talk about the infromation learned. This will be a little bit more difficult on the teachers side of thing's because some teachers now a day's dont use technology that much; so its new for them. It give's the teachers an opportunity to work more on the students learning, other then just teaching them a topic where they dont pay attention.

The Effects on Students on 21st Century Learning

21st century learning really affects the students on today's schooling. It helps them analyze work more clearly and understand the information better. Solves problems easier and faster for students so they know how to figure stuff more faster and in an affective matter. With this 21st century learning, students can use there personal electronic devices to research materials for their schooling; Cell phones and laptops can now be brought to schools to do their work and can transfer it to their household. Students will then be able to talk and explain to their teachers of what they learned and could start to understand the critical and important stuff that has to do with improving their final grade.
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21st Century Skills

The 21st Century Skills movement is a growing global movement to redefine the goals of education, to transform how learning is practised each day, and to expand the range of measures in student achievement, all in order to meet the new demands of the 21st Century. In today's classroom, students have a vary of achievement to want; students have different learning style which affect their ability to acquire knowledge. Teachers need to remove all the old traditional learning and move more toward new and exiting methods to teach and toward lifelong skills. Teachers need to prepare students for the jobs that have not yet been created, because technology is growing every couple of years.

9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning

1. Learner-centered2. Media-driven (this does not have to mean digital media)3. Personalized4. Transfer-by-Design5. Visibly Relevant6. Data-Rich7. Adaptable8. Interdependent9. Diverse