MEA Chickens

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Chickens Galore

Chicken training (“station” on the wood pallet) + community connection:

This family (children Sydney and Sage) live in Mira Mesa and come here 3x per week to visit Gymboree and see/feed the chickens!

They were excited to see the chicken names/identification poster up, because they made up their own names like Vanilla and Chocolate! More importantly, they were ecstatic to see and talk to Emma, the chicken whisperer.

Join us for chicken training sessions and community connections!

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Chicken Coop happenings (cleaning, feeding, touching, discussing and learning)!

It was a wonderful Wednesday for the MEA chickens.

After a thorough home cleaning (Gracie + Miss Shannon) with a complete change out of their overnight nesting area paper, shavings, and Timothy hay + a raking of their home, three more middle schoolers joined in on the fun.

We talked chicken behavior (who accepts tactiles/touching from humans and who doesn’t), what chickens eat (they are omnivores), scoured the wine barrel gardens for pillbugs to feed the chickens (twice!) and the multiple reasons why we don’t have a rooster.

The students created quite the buzz with the roly poly offerings! If you want to make a chicken best friend, stop by the coop on a day with Miss Shannon and reinforce the chickens with something pillbugs (our terrestrial crustaceans) or more!

** 2019-2021 **

Coop Group

Tuesdays, 9:00-10:00am

If you'd like to be involved in taking care of the MEA chickens, come to the chicken coop area on Tuesdays from 9:00-10:00. The Coop Group welcomes new members and is ready to train you!

You are encouraged to bring veggie scraps to the chickens during the Coop Group times!

Coop Care Checklist

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Video of Dust Bathing Beauties

Ophelia, Zira, and Cleopatra delight in their dust baths!

Dust bathing is an important part of keeping chickens healthy and clean. A chicken scratches and digs out a bowl-shaped depression in dirt. Then she settles into this hollow, fluffs up her feathers, and scratches up loose dirt through fluffed feathers. Our girls are bathing beauties!

Click for video

Coop Group Remind App

The Coop Group has set up a Remind account to communicate updates, time changes, and chicken needs.

All About Chicken Treats

This website and article within it has some wonderful information on appropriate food items for all chickens, especially the MEA chickens.

Beautifully created video (included on this site) showing the various types of flowers and plants we can grow in both garden spaces in order to increase the health and overall well-being of our five resident chickens here.

Take a look at how:

  • Lettuce can help keep chickens hydrated over hot summer months
  • How watermelon and cantaloupe cores can be a fun treat
  • The specific flowers that provide essential vitamins and chickens can keep producing eggs!

Turn your table scraps into chicken treats

Aquafina, Chris, Cleopatra, Opehlia, and Zira are clucking for your table scraps and leftovers! There's a green bucket right outside the coop where you can leave your gifts of food for them.

MEA purchases large bags of chicken feed for our hens, but our girls love a variety of treats to supplement their diet. Below are 2 sources for recommended food.

Please do not feed the chickens yourself. Miss Allie and the Coop Group will inspect all food first to double-check that it's safe for our hens.

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Recommended foods per:

Backyard Chicken Coops

The Happy Chicken Coop

Chickens can eat these every day:

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Fresh Eggs

Usually there are a few fresh eggs (and sometimes even a dozen!) that are available for our Mt. Everest families. Stop by the front office to see what's "in stock." Donations are appreciated to support the feeding and other supplies needed for our chickens!
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** 2018-2019 **

To see how we prepared a home for our chickens, scroll down to the bottom to rewind in time!

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Cooped up in the Chicken Coop

Our chickens were safely harbored in their chicken coop during a rainfall. When the cloudburst cleared, they wanted to fly their coop and get back to pecking and scratching outside! Below, Chris the Leghorn is on an inside perch, clucking and waiting hopefully at the "window." Two helpful students came to their rescue and out strutted our happy chickens!

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Our first egg!!!

A proud, exciting moment!
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Selecting our chickens at the feed store

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Preparing the coop yard

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MEA Chicken Coop, courtesy of Colton

When Colton S. was an MEA 9th grader, he took on the responsibility of making our chicken coop as a Boy Scout Eagle Project. Colton's schoolmates, friends, and fellow scouts also got involved in helping make the coop. In addition to clearing out a lot of greenery and trees, Colton participated in several fundraisers to make the money needed to build and complete our coop. Thank you, Colton!!

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