We are so excited to have students back in our building Tuesday!


In person learning will begin on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Please do not drop your child off before 7:40 am. The doors to the school open at 7:40 am. There is no supervision before 7:40 am.

If your child has already eaten breakfast, they will enter the building by the elementary school office. They will go straight to their classroom and read until school begins at 8:00 am.

If your child needs to eat breakfast, they will enter the building at the district entrance by the tiger statue. Please make sure they are at school at 7:40 am so they have plenty of time to eat.

All K-6 students are required to wear masks at school. They do not need to wear them during recess.

Please make sure of the following:

1. Your child's name is on the mask

2. Keep an extra mask in your child's backpack in case something happens to their mask

3. Have a way for your child to keep track of their mask during breakfast/lunch and recess

iPads - All students need to bring their iPad and charger to school each day. Please make sure your child charges their iPad each evening so it is ready to go for the day.

Water Bottles - Students will not be able to drink from the water fountains, but they will be able to use the water bottle filler. Ms. Julie has a water bottle at school for each student. Please make sure your child brings their water bottle home regularly to have it washed and then make sure it is returned to school.

Breakfast & Lunch - Breakfast & Lunch will be grab and go and there will only be one option.


Elementary students should be dropped off in front of the elementary school front entrance. As you are leaving the parking lot in the morning, please watch for buses and allow them to turn in to the bus road before making your way to the stop sign and exit.


If your child is late to school, you need to bring your child into the building and check them in at the office. School begins at 8:00 am.


Families will receive orange name signs. Please have your sign in your windshield on the passenger side of your car. This helps us know which student to call so we can have them ready to load into your car.

All parents who are driving to pick up their student should get in the line. Students will not be released to parents unless they are in a vehicle.

We will use a single-file line for the pick-up line.

Please come to the school using Hermosa St., rather than French St. This will make the line much simpler. If you use French St., and arrive during the busy few minutes, we will ask you to turn onto Hermosa, and turn around to get in line on the West side of French St. If you see the line is gone in front of the school, feel free to turn straight in to the parking lot.

Please make only a right turn out of the parking lot, until the line is gone. If you need to turn left to go home, please consider coming to pick up your student at 4:10-4:15 pm.

Pull all the way up to the beginning of the pick-up lane so that students can be loaded into cars all along the pick-up lane.

For parents and students who are truly walking all the way home, we ask that you wait in front of the school (at the district office entrance) until the line goes down, and French St. is mostly clear. Students who are walking home will wait in the building until this time and then will be released to parents.

This will only take a few minutes, and we appreciate your patience as we work to keep everyone safe.


At this time we are not allowing any visitors in the building. Please call Peggy in the elementary office if you need assistance with something (719-657-4030).


Monday, September 7, 2020

Labor Day - No School

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

In person learning begins