"Ecological" Footprint


What is an Ecological Fotprint?

Ecological footprint is a measure of human's impact on the earth, expressed in the amount of land that would be needed to sustain their use of resources.


This calculator was chosen because there aren't too many questions, but the questions are important and the results are pretty accurate. I learned that I use a lot of resources, and waste some also. I should be careful when it comes to wasting things and how much electricity I use.
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Carbon Market

The video defines carbon market is economically efficient ways to reduce emissions of green house gases. It allows money to flow from to willing investors to projects that will make a difference.

5 ways to reduce a carbon footprint:

1. Try to find any alternative to driving, this could include walking or riding your bike.

2. Unplug your gadgets if they are not being used.

3. Start buying more local food.
4. Cut back, or completely stop, using bottled water.

5. Eat less meat.