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Mosquitoes are just one of the most annoying creatures that we encounter almost every day. They are not only an annoyance but can also carry numerous diseases, like malaria, dengue, zika virus and more. Fortunately, with our world’s innovation, we now have different devices that can help us get rid of these mosquitoes which are the Mosquitron.

What Is A Mosquitron

Mosquitron is a mosquito killer, which uses a blue light so it can lure mosquitoes into it and trap them. Once them, the door will trap them and suck them all in. Unlike other mosquito killer devices, the Mosquitron doesn’t have any sound that can startle you. You won’t also see any dead mosquitoes around unlike other zappers so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Mosquitron has a 360 degree UV light, which can kill not only the mosquitoes but other insects as well. Using this device will surely keep you and your family safe from the diseases that these mosquitoes carry.

Why Do You Need A Mosquitron

As mentioned above, mosquitoes carry different diseases and having them around can be uncomfortable for you, your family, and with your guests especially if you are going to invite them over. When you get bitten by these mosquitoes, it will turn into a rash that can become very itchy. Besides the disease mentioned above, they also carry the West Nile virus and yellow fever. These mosquitoes should be killed because they can certainly cause problems.

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Mosquitron Rating And Recommendation

As usual, we wanted to make sure how effective the Mosquitron is. So we let our senior editors who live in mosquito prone areas to check the effectivity of Mosquitron. Of course, we decided to divide the group into two. Group A will be using Mosquitron, while group B will be staying in the same place where the people in group A live without the Mosquitron.

Group A started using the Mosquitron immediately and especially while they were asleep at night. As you all know, these mosquitoes are usually very active at night because it’s dark. Surprisingly, group A didn’t hear any noises emitting from the device. They also didn’t experience any itching or bites which they usually do experience before using the Mosquitron. They all slept well all through the night and when they checked the Mosquitron. They were surprised as to how many mosquitoes got trapped and got killed by the device.

Group B didn’t use any zapper at all and slept the way they usually sleep. Their night was not as peaceful because they keep on waking up from the mosquito bites. It made their night stressful, and they end up having rashes on their skin that are itchy.

All the information above means the effectivity of Mosquitron. It obviously attracted a lot of mosquitoes which saved group A from all the stresses that group B experienced.

Technical Features of Mosquitron

Mosquitron is a plug and play device and can cover an area of up to 40 meters maximum. It only measures 17 x 14 CM and has a total voltage of 5 volts. Here are some of the other features of Mosquitron:

  • Can be used anywhere
  • East to clean
  • Can be plugged in any USB device, including Smartphones
  • Portable and compact
  • 360 Degree UV violet lamp technology

Before cleaning the Mosquitron, it would be best to let it run for a maximum of three days before you start cleaning it. After that, you can clean it once every week. You will surely be surprised at how much your Mosquitron will catch every time you clean it.

Important Features of Mosquitron

  • 360 Degree Violent Technology

The Mosquitron is surrounded by 360 degree violent technology, which will surely kill any mosquito or even other insects that will come near it. There’s nothing to worry about mosquitoes flying around your home because with Mosquitron, you no longer have to worry about that. You and your family will surely be protected from these disease carrier insects.

  • Portable

One of the best things about Mosquitron is that it is very compact, which means that you can bring it anywhere with you. Besides using it inside the house, you can also use it in the backyard or garden if needed. Some people are also using the device when the entire family go on a camping as this will surely protect them against mosquitoes that can bite them especially during the night while they are asleep.

  • Easy To Clean

Another good thing about Mosquitron is that it is very easy to clean. Unlike other mosquito killers, this device is very easy to disassemble and assemble right after cleaning it. It’s very easy to clean and all the dead mosquitoes are in one place, so all you have to do is to remove the container and throw all of them in the trash. Just make sure to avoid letting the plug get wet, and make sure to wipe it dry.

  • Works In A Wide Area

Mosquitron also works well in large spaces wherein it can work for up to a maximum of 40 meters. This means that you and your kids don’t need to be near the device just for it to protect you and your family against mosquitoes and other insects

Additional Mosquitron Feature

  • Plug and Play
  • Portable and compact
  • 360 degree violent UV lam
  • 5V voltage
  • Works with USB devices
  • East to clean

Other Features of Mosquitron

No Radiation

The Mosquitron may be using a UV light but it doesn’t emit any radiation at all. This means that you no longer have to worry because there are no harmful effects that can emit from the Mosquitron.

Ultra Quiet

Another feature that Mosquitron has is that it is ultra-quiet. Unlike other mosquito killers, there are no zapping sound that this device can produce. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting startled or waking your baby or children up. With the ultra-quiet feature that the Mosquitron has, you will surely have a good quality sleep every night.

Easy to Use

Once you get the Mosquitron out of the box, you no longer have to worry about anything because it’s a plug and play device. It works the way it is supposed to work, so you no longer have to ask for anyone’s help.


The Mosquitron is very compact for its size, this means that you can bring this anywhere with you. In fact, when it’s fully charged, you can bring it with you on your trekking or camping trip. Tossing this device into your bag is possible since it won't take up too much space. You can bring this with you to help you be mosquito bite-free even in the outdoors.

Mosquitron Reviews

We’ve searched some of the best reviews about Mosquitron and we were surprised to see how positive they are. Of course, they are some negative reviews, but the positive ones are just too many to not consider. One would be how there are no smelly or hazardous chemicals that Mosquitron emits. It is also very quiet, which will be beneficial for light sleepers, especially to babies.

Another good thing about the Mosquitron is that it looks modern and stylish, which means that it can perfectly match your interiors at home. Lastly, it has a low energy use, so you don’t have to worry about it needed to be recharged every so often.

Testimonials From Other Mosquitron Users

So glad that I purchased Mosquitron because I no longer have to worry about my kids getting bitten by these nasty mosquitoes. One of my kids suffered a swollen cheek just because she was bitten by a mosquito while asleep. Now that we have Mosquitron, all of us can sleep soundly at night and not worry about mosquitoes and other insects. - Anne, 27

I was surprised on how effective Mosquitron is because when I started using it, the container was full of mosquitoes. It feels like I have killed all of them but of course that’s impossible. But from the number of mosquitoes that I’ve seen the Mosquitron killed, it sure is an effective mosquito killer. James, 30

Where Can I Order Mosquitron

You can order Mosquitron on their website, where they offer discounts especially if you purchase two or more Mosquitron. You can have two or more especially if your home is big, or you can choose to give the rest as a gift. If you want to save more, you can purchase now to get a 50% discount and a free delivery.


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