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VOLUME 2 ISSUE 9~ 9.28.15

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Achievement Measure Selection

I will meet with each of you this week during the times below to select and sign off on your Achievement and Growth Measure Worksheet for this school year:

Wednesday, September 30th

9:00 Allen

9:10 Denton

9:20 Nicholas

9:30 DeLoach

10:30 Ford

10:40 Hicks

10:50 Martz

11:00 Rimmer

11:10 Shutes

11:30 Ellis

11:40 Jackson

11:50 Ozier

12:00 Pettigrew

12:10 Webb

1:00 Bunch

1:10 Watson

3:00 Howell

Davis and Clark, please stop through at anytime during the day. If I left you off let me know!


These have been going great! To date, I've completed 5 and have several scheduled in the coming weeks. Remember to keep students engaged and motivated, be genuine, and don't overdo it. We want to see quality lessons.

Tip 1: Effective planning of Activity and Materials will add grit to the questioning, thinking, and problem solving portion when you deliver lessons. You have to be thoughtful and intentional in your planning and delivery for these areas.

Tip 2: Exploration and Curiosity show up in several places- Motivating Students, Activities and Materials, Questioning (Inquiry = Curiosity), and Thinking (creative thinking: design, imaging, suppose= exploration, curiosity, and inquiry)

Below are several links to helpful documents I've added to the Evaluation folder on Google Docs. There are also other great breakdowns of each indicator in the folder as well! As I get more resources, I will share them with you.

The instructional rounds are NEXT WEEK, October 8th! Again, no worries :). Be yourselves. Things can only get better after the feedback we get. Please remember to have your updated, detailed lesson plans outside your door. I'm not worried at all!

ReImagine Instruction- TN Curriculum Center

A helpful link full of resourcces

Teacher Rubric Questions

This will help guide your thought process when you are planning.

MSP Grant

How would you like to be supported in your Math instruction? Courtney Ford is our MSP Mentor. She will be working with Dr. Stewart to better meet your needs in this area. Would you like additional PD? Would you like to be observed, unofficially? There are many things we can do. Please send feedback about this to Courtney as soon as possible, courtney.ford@hcsvikings.org. Thank you!

Benchmark Assessment

We will meet in PLC's tomorrow to discuss the administration of this assessment. Let me warn you, it WILL be rigorous. The good thing about that is, we can show growth so don't worry! We will develop a plan once we get results. Also, there will be no exploratory these 2 days.

Faculty Meeting

There is a faculty meeting this afternoon for teachers only. This will be as brief as you make it. We will have Mark Hawk from Legal Shield he to make a 10-15 minute presentation (at least that's what he told me). After that, Dr. Hamlett will be here to talk to you candidly about me! Be honest, be open, be straight forward. The faculty meeting will be in the library, starting @ 3:30.

End of the Year Trip

Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers, we need to know what your plans are for the end of the year PBIS Trip. In order to get the dates we've set aside, we need to go on and make a decision. Please discuss this in your next grade level meetings.

Tennessee Succeeds (FYI)

Per Dr. Candice McQueen, Tennessee Commissioner of Education

At the Superintendent Study Council Conference, we kicked off the next chapter for Tennessee education with a renewed vision:

Districts and schools in Tennessee will exemplify excellence and equity such that all students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully embark upon their chosen path in life.

In pursuit of this vision, we established three ambitious goals and five key priorities, which are outlined in our strategic plan, Tennessee Succeeds. We look forward to working closely with each of you in fulfilling our commitment to all Tennessee students.


According to what I read, there will be a push coming our way to make sure we are creating and setting the foundation for students to be ready for high school. Not sure of the specifics yet. I do know that we will eventually have a state standardized test. I will keep you informed as I receive information. For those of you interested in viewing the document, click below. Keep up the hard work!

Blood Borne Pathogens PD Training

The Blood borne Pathogens PD training is now available to access and complete. The final date is set for Oct 30th. All staff will be required to take this 20 min PD courses. If I need to provide assistance please let me know I will set time aside to assist at your school. The first step is to click the My Benefits short cut on your desktop. If you have not registered do so. If you have an account and forgot the password click forgot password. Please refer to the instructions sent by Cindy on Friday September 11th. These instructions walk you step by step and provide pictures for each step. As I said this is a 20 min PD where we had to stay afterschool last year for an hr. There is also a help number connected in the instructions please do not hesitate to use it.


Ashley Hook

Humboldt City Schools

Director of Coordinated School Health


September 29th is Domino's Night!!!

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Keep working hard, but work smart! TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL...