Adams Weekly News

Volume 3 - Oct 12-15

Updates and Reminders

Confrences are going to continue this coming week. Make sure your time and day is confirmed. Also, we are not having school Friday due to Teacher Trainings. Make sure you start gathering gear to go to Outdoor Ed.

This Weeks Highlights

This past week, we've had tons of fun. Monday, we had Fibo Art . Tuesday, we got our mad scientist brains and found out why we put salt on snowy roads. Wednesday,


Police officer, Mr. Mandoza teaches Miss. Adams' student about staying away from dangerous drugs and talks about what he likes and dislikes. Also, if our class is focused, at the end of DARE class, Mr.Mandoza shows a tool he is equipped with.


This week in Science, we did an experiment. Our experiment was, Why do we put salt on snowy roads? Most of us, were correct about our own experiments which obviously means we're great, amazing scientists.

Greatest Fear Write

Tuesday, we started to write a Greatest Fear Personal Naritive. It is all about our greatest fear. Some kids made it fiction while others made non-fiction. Ask your student if they turned in their personal Naritive.

Cloud Formation Project

Wednesday, we had fun making clouds! They simply were made out of cotton balls!

Name of the Clouds:





Fear Place

Fear Place is the book we read in our Class Reading Books. It is about a boy that has a fear with mountains. To find more information, make a conversation with your child about the book.