What's New with the Beach Buddies?

A digital update from our classroom to your family

September 20, 2013

Hello Kindergarten families! This is a digital update that I will send out periodically to share updates about our classroom. I have imported all the email addresses you listed on your technology form and can easily add more as needed - just let me know.

Beach Buddies' Blog

Have you checked out our kindergarten blog yet? There is a post from our first day of school and definitely more to come soon. When I make an update, I will always post a link on our Facebook page. There is also a way to sign up for an "email notification" on our blog page. (far right side) I will make a video on how to do that soon and send it your way.

Kindergarten Beach Buddies' Blog

Volunteer Opportunity

Looking for a way to help us out? We need 20 spiral notebooks cut in half. This could be done with a paper cutter (you could borrow mine!) and a wire cutter. Let me know if you are interested in this project.

Upcoming Dates...

Thursday, October 3 - Fair Haven Farms field trip

Friday, October 4 - Homecoming Cardinal Pride Day--wear your best red, black, and white!

Apps to Share

When I find great iPad apps (some free and some paid) I will share a link to the app store so you can check them out as well.

ABC House is free for a limited time. Explore the alphabet and build vocabulary.

Letter School helps kids practice handwriting in an engaging way.