Krisak's Kindergarten

Weekly Newsletter

Dec. 12, 2014

Greetings Parents! The snow swirling around us has reminded all of us that the holidays are approaching! It sure did cause excitement in the air here at school! We did head out to the playground on those days for some fresh air and exercise. PLEASE be sure your child is coming to school dressed ready for the playground. Even in the winter, we try to get out for recess unless the temperatures are truly below freezing. This week we spent ample time learning how to bundle up and take care of our hats, gloves etc. so that we don't lose them.

We had three technology lessons this week with Mrs. Miller. The children are exploring the keyboard as well as experimenting with various sites which Mrs. Miller and I taught together. As you know, I have sent home numerous sites with passwords. I hope that your child is able to use them for a few minutes each day or a few times each week because truly they are valuable tools to help your child succeed. Also, the more they get acquainted they get with the passwords, the easier it is for them to log on at school. It is important that they learn how to do this to maximize their computer time in class.

We have been reading all different Gingerbread stories. We will soon be comparing and contrasting, then voting on our favorite! We will be acting out, retelling, creating and more with our Gingerbread theme. Please ask your child to tell you about these stories. Retelling is a skill we will continue to brush up on all year. Soon we will also be building Gingerbread Houses in class. We are asking for your donations to help make this a success. Please look for the reminder note to come home next week. Have a great weekend!