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Cigarette Smoking by State

You can still find people in this world smoking. It would appear that a new generation of smokers is here now ready to replace the older generation which is dying faraway from cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. Currently, 20.6% of the usa population smoke, as of 2009 according to the Centers for Disease Control. This is important information since it helps us understand what challenges lay before us. Statistics, demographics and other factors related to tobacco use are necessary as we move to produce a comprehensive tobacco control policy.

Many hear tobacco control and commence the task of fear mongering. Our founding fathers were very aggressive in designing a government which may look out for the citizen's interest. Certainly, the health of its citizens could be considered a role for government. However, there are segments which feel it is not the government's role to mandate health care or even promote a healthier lifestyle. Oh, they're happy to hear about a president's interest in getting the kids of the usa to exercise, but don't touch their alcohol, Best ejuice or insurance.

But no matter which side of the aisle you discover yourselves on, we are able to all agree that smoking is detrimental for you. In fact, we have to all be able to agree that secondhand smoke (SHS) is bad for you, as well. Within the early 1980's, 88% of nonsmoking Americans were confronted with SHS. Today, that number may be reduced to 40%. However, children between the ages of 3-11 years old are exposed to SHS at a rate of 54%. As a result, they may be suffering from respiratory symptoms like wheezing and coughing. Although, we've cut the exposure rate by over half within the last 30 years, any level of SHS exposure should be considered unsafe.

So today, we'll discuss which states have the highest and lowest rates of smoking prevalence. Have you any idea where your state ranks? Are you able to take a guess? A part of what drives the prevalence minute rates are education, Vapourizer kits pricing, state excise taxes as well as the tobacco lobby. Before we look some of these states, where can you estimate North Carolina ranks? What about Arizona? Sure, immediately we can make educated guesses. States with lower excise taxes and minimum pricing will have higher rates of tobacco use. States with additional expensive cigarettes will have lower consumption rates. This is all apart of tobacco control and is also an under-appreciated tool within the fight to improve the health of our communities and towns. A lot of people feel these plans are infringements on their rights to pursue happiness. Although some see them as required to help people quit smoking. The result improves our economy and our health and wellness care model.

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