Crafting PLE

The Art of Creating Personalized Learning Environments

Ferndale December Edition

Tools of the Craft

New Feature: Customized Screens

You can now add your favorite apps to your home screen for easy access. Just long hold on an app from your app tray and drag it down to the app bar on the home screen! Or, you can remove apps from the home screen bar by long hold, drag to app tray. If you don’t see the apps bar at first, give it about 5 minutes to update.

Web 2.0 and App Cheat Sheet

Ever wish you could have a cheat sheet of apps and websites that you might use in your class? Well, the PLEFs have created one for you! Each month, we will feature 5 new websites or apps, with a description and link, if applicable. I've shared a folder with each of you in OneDrive where you can find this month's and all future editions of the Cheat Sheet. Click the link to go to this month's Cheat Sheet. Here's an image of this month's Cheat Sheet, but it's hard to read and the links don't work.
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News Tidbits

Wireless Wednesdays

We had to cancel last month's Wireless Wednesday due to testing, but we'll be bringing it back Dec. 10th at 7:30 AM in the Media Center. We'll be doing Part 2 of E-books training. If time allows, I'll also be available to answer any tablet or PLE questions.

Learning Styles Assessment and Survey

All students should have completed the Learning Styles Assessment and Survey by now. There are still a lot of students that have not completed this - THIS IS A REQUIREMENT. We will be using this information to guide lesson planning - think about the PACE/Differentiation Section of your lesson plan. Please get all of the information for this turned in so that we can share it with all staff, including Encore. This is part of Knowing the Learner in the PLE Triangle.

PLEF Schedule

I'm now back to my regular schedule, which means that for the most part, I will be at Ferndale on Mondays and Wednesdays, with one exception - the 4th Tuesday of the Month, I will be at Ferndale for PACE Day (I will be at Johnson St. on the Wednesday following).

You can reach me by e-mail when I am not in the building.

Crafting Wisdom

You Matter

I just wanted to take a moment to let each of you know that YOU MATTER! While our focus is on how we can grow our students, I also love seeing each of you grow professionally. Each time you try something new, revamp something old, or just give it your best, you are making an investment in your own professional growth. Remember that I am always here to help you. We've been consumed with tablets the past couple of months, but now we're ready to starting thinking about personalized learning. What do YOU want to know? How can I help YOU? If you have a need, big or small, tablet or PLE, let me know. Because YOU MATTER to me.
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Teena Martin, PLEF

What the heck is a PLEF? PLEF stands for Personalized Learning Environment Facilitator. Teena brings over 10 years of education experience having taught in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools in some very diverse institutions. She has taught nearly every grade level and subject at some point. She has a Bachelor's degree in Special Education, and a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology.