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wind energy

where does wind energy come from?

wind energy is from the wind by powering the blades.the wind energy spins the blades and gears spin in the motor of it and makes energy.

How is resource formed

Wind is caused by the uneven heating of the earth's surface.Typically this beins with the sun radiation witch is absorbed differently the earth surface.

how is the resource used?

you can use it for mechanical power such as,power tools and power saws.wind energy facilities convert energy from the motion of wind into electricity that is sent to energy consumers via electric transmission systems.

what cool facts & statistics with wind

Wind mills are going to be in the water.The blades can be up to 2 football fields.

What is one innovative alternative energy form you discovered?

They are going to plan to have wind mails be cheaper to set up and make.They also are going to have wind mails in the water.
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Fact About Wind Energy