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On this day in history

Fun Facts

Five monumental steps in this year:

Sydney olympics were held

The final date with no human presence in space

The final original Peanuts strip is published/Charles Shultz dies

Unemployment rate reaches all time low of 30 years

World enters new millenium

How much did these things cost?

  • a postage stamp 33 cents

  • a luxury car $274,900

  • an economy car $17,000

  • a four bedroom house in Media $140,000

  • a gallon of milk $2.88

  • going to the movies $5.40

  • a gallon of gas $1.51

  • a pair of jeans $30

Fun facts:

Who was President?

Bill Clinton

What was the must have toy?

Teksta robotic dog

What movies came out?

X-men. Space Cowboys

Who were the biggest movie stars?

Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts

What were the most popular TV shows?

CSI, Malcolm in the middle, Gilmore Girls

What was happening in terms of music?

Britney Spears was on Oops I did it again tour. Eminem was divorcing his wife

How about sports?

Sydney olympics were about to happen

What were the fashion trends?

In anticipation of the new millennium, the fashion was to look futuristic.

What were the best-selling books?

The house on hope street by Danielle Steel

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5 famous people who were born:

Caroline flack

Carl Sagan

Nikki Williams

French Montana

On this day in history...

How the Grinch stole Christmas was released

The song who let the dogs out came out

The Last Precint was a best selling book

It was Cambodian Independance day

Michael Demerant, a politician died at age 60