by Allen

things i do when i can

Gaming, Camping, Swimming, Walking, Eating, and Sleeping.

Favorite things

Fallout 4, Food, Outdoors, Green (color), Living, Television, and Sleeping.

Funniest thing ever to happen to me.

falling off my bike and breaking my collar bone and flying and hitting my head on a pole

biological things about me.

Blue eyes, 6 feet and 3 inches tall, have a six inch scar on my left shoulder, shoe size is thirteen in men's, weigh 197 pounds, and i am thirteen

The type of music I listen to

Old school Rap, Latin Rap, West coast rap, Classic rock, and Big Band Music

Favorite game

Fallout 4 because it has my favorite things like nuclear bombs, challenges, a Fat Man, Tons of combat, Legendary weapons, and Power armor