The Nervous System

BY: Gabe Hallmark


Do you ever wonder what makes one feel things? For instance, if a person breaks his or her arm, one might wonder why it hurts so much. This could be summed up by learning about the nervous system. The Nervous system is the part of your brain that when you get hurt it sends a message to your brain telling it that you are hurt. The skin has more than four million sensory receptors most are in the lips, tongue, and fingers. And if you see a bank robbery your nervous system allows ones blood to run through your veins a lot faster and it gives you power so you can get away a lot faster. Because the nervous system allows one to feel things, it is the most complex system of the brain (Kids Health 1).

What Happens if it Fails?

Why would the brains nervous system fail someone might ask? Well if your nervous system failed, you would lose all of your 5 Senses ( touch, taste,smell,sight, and hearing). Also, failure would cause someone to lose balance, coordination, and movement. If one takes not proscribed medicine, illegal drugs, or alcohol, you could mess up your nervous system. Also if one has diseases like: Parkinson, Alzheimer, or Huntington's disease then it could kill ones system. So, if one does those things they will either have to stop or not see, hear, smell, or feel again (WebMD 1).


The Nervous system depends on a lot of cells called Neutrons. The brain has billions of them, and they all have a job they specialize in. All neutrons relay information in a complex system electrochemical process, it makes connections that affect the way we think, learn, move and behave. Many scientists believe that you should challenge your brain and learn, and also make new connections. The parasympathetic nervous system prepares the body for rest (Kids Health 1).

Nervous system development

As you get older 250,000 neutrons are added every Minute. As one ages, their nervous system goes through natural changes. An example is the brain and spinal cords lose nervous cells and weight. These natural changes Are also called atrophy. As you age the nervous system. These changes do not change your ability to think. These changes don't work on everyone( Health Central 1).


In conclusion the nervous system is a complex system of the brain, that allows one to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

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