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March is National Nutrition Month – Kick it off with 5 Tips to Boost Your Health

  1. Eat breakfast every day. Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast can lead to better strength and endurance, sharper concentration and better problem-solving abilities.
  2. Plan as many home-cooked meals as you can. They usually have fewer calories and cost less than typical meals eaten at restaurants
  3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Half of your plate at each meal should be vegetables or fruits
  4. Beware of sweetened drinks. Sodas and sports drinks are high in calories. Keep in mind that the calories in juice can also quickly add up.
  5. Choose food sensibly when eating out. Restaurants are often required to make nutrition information readily available. If you do not see brochures sitting out, or nutrition information listed on the menu, ask
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Staying Healthy on Spring Break

  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Develop questions based on landmarks and points of interest in your neighborhood, and then enjoy your walking/biking adventure. Here are some sample questions:
  • I am tall with green leaves and roots that grow deep into the ground. (A tree)
  • I have red blossoms that are pretty and smell good, too! (A rose bush)
  • I am soft and green, and cows and horses like to eat me. (Grass)
  • Firefighters hook their hoses to me to find water when there is a fire. (A fire hydrant)
  • I am red with eight sides and I tell you to stop when you are driving in your car. (A stop sign)
  • Sign up for a sports camp or fitness classes. Help expand your child’s interests by signing them up for a physical activity camp that will keep their mind and body engaged during spring break. Check out offerings at local community organizations, the park district, churches, recreational facilities or fitness studios.
  • Create a “What to do if you are bored” jar. On Popsicle sticks or folded pieces of paper, work with your kids to write down their favorite ideas to stay active during spring break. Whenever they are bored, go to the jar and select an activity. Here are some ideas to get you started:

For more information:

Hicks Physical Education

The students will be learning four wall line dances in preparation for our Annual Hoe down.

When: March 11, 2022 (during each grade level specials times)

Where: Hicks Elementary Gymnasium

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