1. Life as a King

It's nice being the ruler.

2. Life as a King

2. The king sat at the top of the feudal society. He hired knights to protect his land in exchange for a piece of land and part of his food.

2. Middle Ages- A thousand-year period that fallowed the fall of Rome.

3. Knights were given land and food to protect his king and his knig's land and the people that live on the land.

4. Statement #1

The king awarded land grants or "fiefs" to his most important nobles, his barons, and his bishops, in return for their contribution of soldiers for the king's armies. (learner.org)

4. Statement #2

The Magna Carta
Nobles divided their land among the lesser nobility, who became their servants or "vassals." Many of these vassals became so powerful that the kings had difficulty controlling them. (learner.org)

5. Question #1

What did the king give to his important nobles?

5. Question #2

What was the Magna Carta?


This makes me think that the king ruled almost everything.

8. Jamison Litteral 5th period