The Francium Freak

was once Fredrick Faewind


Symbol Fr

Name Francium

Atomic # 87

Avg. Mass 223

Protons 87

Electrons 87

Characteristics: The second rarest element on earth, this heavy and extremely radioactive element has a melting point of 27 degrees Celsius and a maximum half-life of 22 minutes.

Uses: Due to its extreme instability and radioactivity Francium is limited to research purposes only.


Fredrick was a scientist studying Francium and its mysterious existence as a rare element. A horrific nuclear accident during the study turned Fredrick into The Francium Freak and he was subjected to many undercover government experiments that worsened his state and took what little humanity he had left.


Decompositional Touch

Psychic Combustion


Extreme Mental and Physical Instability