Welcome To Houston


Welcome to Houston the most popular city in Texas. In Houston there are many free and enjoyable thins for you and your kids to do over spring break.


Going out of town or even to the museum can be educational. When guest come to Houston we try to give them the cheapest and most fun cheaper. The children museum teacher young children how to manage money and live in the real world paying for grocers and getting a job. In the art museum it has pictures and drawings from famous painter a while back. The science museum educates everyone on on science. That's not even the best part, The best part is that all of these museums are FREE on Thursday.


Did you know Texas is the only place where there is a Shipley. Yes doughnuts a wonderful way to get your day started. There are also many places to get lunch like cafe express and Starbucks. The places vary for dinner. You have BBQ, Mexican food and any other thing you can imagine.


When rainy days occur there are many ways to have fun and stay dry. You could play the wii any games. Watch movies and you could even make your own water park outside!!!

Late Night Fun

After learning a bit and eating even more you want to spend the night with your family and have fun. First thing to do id top golf its open from 9:00 am - 12: am. Next we have Movies you can watch your favorite movie for 2$ in Pearland. You can also try Dave & Busters great for teens and adults.