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This newsletter is written for educators, by educators to share real world stories, questions, ideas and opinions about how to address the social and emotional needs of students and the adults who teach them.

This month, the newsletter serves as a touch point to the SEL in Action community. It contains resources, as well as voices of grantees on nurturing the relationships with ourselves and others.

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Educator Voices

Tips for Adult SEL, by Heather Bushelman

How many of you replay your entire day within your mind in the moments before you fall asleep? Your actions, choices, mistakes, successes? Daily reflection is a vital component in evolving and changing habits. As educators, we teach our students to reflect constantly about their behavioral choices, emotional state, and academic progress. A crucial part of adult SEL is learning to reflect about our own daily habits and make changes as needed to develop responsible decision-making. Using the thinking, feeling, acting, (TFA) questioning technique allows us to do just that.

  • What are you thinking?
  • How are you feeling?
  • How are you acting?

These three simple questions force us to look within ourselves and become self-aware of our outward behaviors thus realizing how our thoughts and feelings affect our actions. The answers to these questions lead us into understanding how we truly feel about different situations, people, and issues. Adults can become more mindful of their daily reflection time versus these thoughts taking over our minds before bedtime which could cause insomnia, stress, anxiety, or other health issues.

During this time that is crucial for educators to practice SEL for themselves, reflection starts from within to ensure adults are taking care of themselves. So...put these questions around your home and workplace so you can reflect throughout your day!

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Resource Corner

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The SEL in Action community has been collaborating to compile this ever-evolving list of resources. It includes hand-curated resources from former SEL in Action grantees, videos from prior SEL in Action supports and convenings, an archive of the SEL in Action Newsletters. Get a taste by checking out some of the content from past convenings and webinars:

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