Chinese Invention Project: Paper

By: Abby Schuele

History of Paper

Chinese wrote on bamboo and bone and silk, but silk was way too expensive to write on, and bamboo was way too heavy to carry. So, the Chinese people came up with the idea of writing and drawing on papyrus. This papyrus was nice, but they needed something else. The reason for that is, the papyrus plant requires subtropical conditions to grow. The process of creating the papyrus paper very slow. So, eventually Cai Lun invented the product of paper which was made out of worn fishnet, bark, and cloth. This making the paper cheaper and lighter.

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Why was Paper important to Ancient China?

Paper was important to China because it allowed China to create and develop their civilization quickly. For example, it cost way less money to make paper than it did to write on silk. The other material that they wrote on such as bark and bamboo were way to heavy. In order to read you had to have brains and be strong. Paper made it easier to carry books and was way cheaper to make.
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Why is Paper important to us now?

Paper is important to us today because each person in America uses about 675 pounds of paper a year! We also use paper every day without even noticing it. For example, money, reading the newspaper or a book, writing a check, etc. You also use paper in school. Taking tests, doing homework, and even when you type up an assignment paper is used because you need to print it.

Here is a short video about how the Ancient Chinese people used paper.

Paper making

Fun Facts About Paper

* Paper was invented in 105 A.D.

* Silk and bamboo were used as paper before paper was invented.

* Everyday in the US, paper makers recycle enough paper to fill a fifteen mile long train of boxcars.

* The Ancient Chinese people didn't tell other countries about how to make paper for a long time.