Dog or Cat?

Which one would you want?

Key Questions!

  • What are the most important points on why the people writing the articles chose their pet?
  • Is there anything that the writers have experienced that would make them dislike the other pet?
  • Can you find the similarities (Compare!) and the differences (Contrast!) on owning a cat or dog?

Cats are Awesome By:Julie Smith

Why do I like cats? I like them because are easy to have as pets. You don't have to walk them, or give them a bath. They also make me feel better and love me. I am not a outdoor person, and they will curl up on my lap and keep me warm when I am inside and watching TV. Also, I got bit by a dog when I was younger. Even if I did like dogs, I wouldn't be able to be by them because I would be too scared! Last but not least, I like cats better because they are more quiet than dogs. I prefer a cats meow than a dogs loud bark.

Dogs rock! By:Tom Thurston

I love dogs so much better than cats! Right now I own five dogs, and they are like a part of my family. They love you no matter what, and you can train them. I have never met a cat that will sit , shake, or roll over when somebody asks them to. In addition I am also very allergic to cats. Dogs also make wonderful protectors and play with you. I enjoy playing soccer and running ,and I love the fact that dogs like the outdoors as much as I do. Overall dogs make me feel better.