The Real Walter Mitty

Ian Narewski


The text structure the author uses defines the character of Walter Mitty as non-courageous, depressed, and as a pushover.

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First, Walter is defined as lacking courage. When his wife tells him to put on his gloves even though he does not want to, he listens. He took them off at a red light, and was jump scared by a police officer and he put them back on. He was also depressed.
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Secondly, Walter Mitty seems to be depressed. He drove around aimlessly, like a depressed person might do. Not only that, he could only say "oh" when the parking attendant yelled at him for being in the wrong lane.
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Thirdly, Walter Mitty also seems to be a pushover. He lets his wife make him go to the garage to make get his winter chains off, rather than learn to do it himself. Also, he even let the parking attendant back his car up and park for him when he was just yelled at like he was trash.
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In conclusion, the use of text structure by the author defines Walter Mitty's character as non-courageous, depressed, and as a pushover.